Communicating with the Masses

Hi everyone,

With my blog, I am not trying to say that technology is bad. Please remember that when you are reading. This is mostly just an outlet to express some feelings about how technology has changed communication.

Anyway, while I may say that it is ironic that we can communicate with each other so easily now but spend more time using technology to talk to each other than seeing each other in person, I do applaud how easy it is to communicate with people these days. I’m not talking just skyping your friends either; I’m talking about communicating with people you’ve never met or business professionals.

Sites such as LinkedIn make it easy to keep in touch with professionals that you may have briefly met after a speech they gave. While you don’t have to necessarily talk to them yourself, you can post things that they might find interesting or connect with people that they know. The fact is that you are connected with that person now and can potentially use that connection down the road more easily than if they just gave you’re their business card. They are more apt to remember who you are through social media than a random email down the road that starts “remember me…?”

Additionally, dating sites have made it easy for people who are literally worlds apart sometimes to meet and start a relationship. These people would have probably never met if not for dating sites on the internet!

Technology expanding communication like this is amazing to me.


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