Corning: A Day Made of Glass

If you haven’t seen this video before, you are missing out. “A Day Made of Glass” by Corning is awe-inspiring. It is simply amazing what glass may be able to do in the future. However, while there are many amazing things in this video, let’s focus on the communication aspects.

Video conferencing is sort of old news; however, imagine being able to take the video of grandma and sliding it on the kitchen counter so your kids can flip her around and talk to her! Let’s hope grandma doesn’t get dizzy! Imagine being able to text someone through your bathroom mirror while you are brushing your teeth! Granted, now we could just take our cell with us but this would allow us to communicate with our mirror; we wouldn’t even need to have our cell with us.

There is also an extended version of this video where Corning talks about how far out this technology is and what aspects of it are already found today. They are both interesting technology wise and the communication aspects are pretty intriguing as well.


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