Dating Sites

I found an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Do New Apps Make Online Dating Too Easy?” by Eric Sasson and it brings up a sort of negative side to the ease of communication that technology has brought to dating and people in general.

The part of the article that I am referring to is towards the end but an interesting thing to note from the beginning is that men are the primary users of dating sites. I would have thought it would be women. I digress.

This article brings up that people are losing their courage by using dating sites instead of going out and meeting someone new. People would rather look at a multitude of pictures online than scanning for someone good looking in the crowd to go up and talk to. Why? The fear of rejection. Rejection over the internet isn’t as stinging as someone saying “no” to your face.

The article goes further to say that potentially humans may take dating and rejection less seriously because of the ease that dating sites has introduced. Humans may be more apt to break up with someone over an email than do it face to face. That is what the author means by taking these things less seriously.

I will leave you with a quote from the author: “Screening out all interaction with people whose interests or faces or lack of familiarity to us may seem efficient and less risky, but really it only pushes us further into our cocoons.”


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