Kids’ Friendships Affected?

Here is another good dive into the ironic of being able to communicate more easily through technology and how face-to-face communication is affected.

In “Antisocial Networking?” by Hilary Stout The New York Times, a study is introduced that is looking at how “technology may be changing the very nature of kids’ friendships.” Since this study is still underway it is too soon to make any conclusions but the study is going to see if technology has made children less interested in communication face-to-face.

Additionally, the study is looking into if technology affects the experiences that help children learn such emotions as empathy and social cues in general. Stout says, “With children’s technical obsessions starting at ever-younger ages – even kindergartners will play side by side on laptops during play dates – their brains may eventually be rewired and those skills will fade further, some researchers believe.”

English: This picture is of two children on a ...

English: This picture is of two children on a computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The article gives examples from parents who have seen the benefits and disadvantages of social media in their kids. One parent said that their child was more withdrawn because their child was using social media and texting. However, another parent said that their shy child became more outgoing because of social media.

Maybe the effects of social media on people are subjective and different for each of us. Maybe it is detrimental to some but positive for others. If you are interested, definitely check out this article.


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