While I am on the subject of introducing new social media sites, I wanted to talk about a rather interesting site I stumbled upon on my journey through this blog.

Medium is an invitation-only social network site; you have to be invited to post on the site. You read correctly. Currently, you have to be selected to be able to post a blog on Medium; eventually though, posting will be open to everyone. From the researching that I did on the site, I couldn’t find how you get to be able to post but if you are interested, do a little further digging.

For now, those who cannot post can read, comment, and recommend blogs to others. Medium strives to produce “quality, rather than popularity.” These blogs are not about who can get the most likes or which blogs are the funniest, but rather intellectual and insightful blog posts. For example, one post is about growing up in Saudi Arabia.

If you are tired of reading posts about Justin Bieber, looking at random cat pictures your friends post, and the like, then definitely check out Medium. The website is simply


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