Organizing a Manhunt

We all heard and are still being updated on the events that happened during the Boston Marathon and while the people responsible are now either deceased or in custody, before they were identified and found, users of Reddit were going to try to solve who was to blame for the bombs first.

The users were looking at the mass collection of pictures that ended up on the internet from that day and were trying to analyze them and find the suspects. While these users were amateurs, there were trying to do good by using Reddit.

Their attempt turned out to be a failure. They were not able to identify the bombers by using the site but the fact that they came together to try to help is awesome. This is a positive to how social media sites are used to communicate with others. The FBI asked for the public’s help and the users of Reddit rose to the occasion.

While the users of Reddit gave the FBI misleading information at times, they were not experienced in finding criminals and were only trying to help.

To read more about this, look at these two articles:


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