“Real” Communication

Hello everyone,

This post backs up what I was saying about how people become braver behind computer screens, texting, and social media. This may feel a bit repetitive but this article brings up some good points that I did not communicate in my last post.

In a Forbes article entitled “Is Social Media Sabotaging Real Communication?” by Susan Tardanico, the idea of authentic communication is introduced. The article cites a study that showed the “only 7% of communication is based on the written or verbal word” and that “93% is based on nonverbal body language.” What a person says over text or social media may not be how they are truly feeling. Their true emotions could be revealed by their body language.

Which how many times have you misread a text or email and thought that the person was mad at you? It is pretty common. It happens to me almost daily.

Tardanico goes on to question if we as humans are truly communicating with each other anymore. She says, “In an ironic twist, social media has the potential to make us less social; a surrogate for the real thing. For it to be a truly effective communication vehicle, all parties bear a responsibility to be genuine, accurate, and not allow it to replace human contact altogether.”

Now, I’m not sure that humans will quit interacting with each other. But it could happen. The article cites another study that found that the generations of Gen Y and Millennials would rather use instant messaging than stop by someone’s office and talk with them.

So what do you think? Are we really communicating with each other if the majority of communication is based on nonverbal cues? Do you think social media could ever replace human interaction?



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