Social Media and Parties

This post is more for the people of Fort Collins and the students of Colorado State University but I am aware that people from all over like the Facebook page “CSU Confessions.” While this site is for students of CSU to confess what they do on campus or off campus, there was a party that was advertised on the page recently.

It was called the “CSU Confessions Block Party” and many, many people attended. At the event, bottles littered the site, people were climbing on cars, houses, light poles, and damage was done to surrounding property. When the police showed up to break up the party, some


Party! (Photo credit: futursonic)

yelled at them and threw bottles. The police ended up having to use tear gas on the crowd.

While social media is great for meeting new people and organizing a get together, this party is an example of how things can go wrong. I know that the people who administer the site could not prevent the people from attending damaging property, but when a party is advertised on a page that has more than 10,000 likes it can be guessed that a multitude of people will probably show up. Especially since the page is quite popular and checked regularly by many.

However, I guess in a twist of irony, the social media site was used to get people together in person so face-to-face contact was being created. Although, the circumstances were not the greatest.


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